SaFi provides the data, tools and analytics sub-advisers need to grow their business and which sponsors rely on for price bargaining


SaFi (Sub-advised Fund insights) provides a comprehensive database covering sub-advisory activity across EMEA. It includes current and historical data on assets, flows and new mandates where a sponsor delegates investment management and/or advisory responsibilities to a third party. Using SaFi’s market intelligence and front-end analytics, sub-advisers and sponsors gain valuable market insights to drive sales and marketing. SaFi data boosts the ability to align strategic decision-making and goal setting to client demand.

Benefits of using SaFi

Sell-side sub-advisers benefit from:

  • A comprehensive market overview – Track sub-advisory trends by market / asset class / vehicles
  • Competitor comparisons – Analyse competitors’ products and identify commercial success metrics
  • Improved client and prospect insights – Discover which of your clients and prospects are, or have been, using competitors’ products. Analyse how the mandates have evolved to gain a clearer understanding into distributor partners’ behaviour
  • Improved sales opportunities – Generate leads for sales to new and existing clients by tracking owners of underperforming mandates (replacement opportunities) and new asset class demand 
  • More targeted sales strategies – Drive resources by identifying the most valuable opportunities
  • Improved client partnerships – Refine conversations with clients and prospects so that they are specific, timely and relevant to their needs

Buy-side sponsors benefit from:

  • Improved bargaining powers – Assess your buyer share of each sub-adviser and then use this information in renewal or price negotiations and differentiation opportunities by combining insights from SaFi and iPi solutions
  • Enhanced competitor knowledge – Understand your own competitive position versus that of other sponsors to identify market gaps and differentiation opportunities
  • Improved risk management – Monitor the buying behaviour of other sponsors using the same sub-advisers. SaFi can reveal which specific strategies they are buying and selling
  • Identify new sub-advisers you can partner with – Source sub-adviser newcomers to the market such as boutiques, including those without an existing fund offering that your investors can access

Who in your organisation benefits?

  • Business leaders – SaFi enables more focused, strategic decision-making. Utilise its power to create management reports to measure performance vs market trends, including market overviews and flows as well as competitor positioning
  • Product development teams –  Utilise SaFi to align current product offerings and develop new competitive solutions to meet the needs of your clients
  • Market research teams – SaFi data supports sub-advisory analytics alongside third party and proprietary data for effective market intelligence
  • Sales teams – SaFi helps them to identify the best prospects for business among existing and new customers and enables more in-depth client discussions

How SaFi can help you create opportunities

SaFi can be used in many ways to create business opportunities for you and your team. Here is a typical example:

  1. Find out how a specific strategy is selling in a selected region
  2. Filter under that strategy to identify the managers with the largest assets
  3. Identify where you have a competitive proposition against a manager and which clients are using their strategy
  4. Understand the relationship those clients have with the manager. You can also find out which other sub-advisers those clients are using. Additionally, by combining SaFi with our FiFi solution you can also identify which funds are held creating a holistic client profile
  5. Present a stronger case when making your presentation to existing clients and new prospects

Key features of SaFi

  • Ease of access – SaFi can be accessed by the internet from anywhere in the world. Users are  provided with their own individual log-on credentials
  • Ease of use – Using the front-end analytics interface is effortless
  • Dedicated client service – Tailored training and ongoing client support
  • Custom reports – Tailored analysis and benchmarks created with the expertise of our client service team
  • Data set filtration and drill-down tools – Drill down into data on sponsors (buyer), delegates, geographic markets, investment strategies and more
  • Data extraction – Data can be easily downloaded into Excel format in GBP, EUR, CHF and USD

SaFi – part of the instiHub solutions set

SaFi is available as a standalone module and even more effective in combination with FiFi and iPi as part of instiHub’s solutions set, which also includes:

Fund-in-Fund insights (FiFi)

Information on funds held in other mutual funds can change fast. FiFi accurately tracks who holds what and where, giving you total transparency on the complex EMEA and APAC market landscape. Users of FiFi efficiently industrialise the identification of specific sales opportunities, market trend analysis and distribution planning to enhance their competitive edge.


Pricing insights (iPi)

Accurate and actual transacted pricing information is key to achieving the optimal investment fee for both buy and sell-side in a long-term sub-advisory partnership. With iPi at your service you have usable and valuable pricing information to help with internal and external negotiations as well as value to investor assessments.


What differentiates the instiHub solutions set?

instiHub’s solutions set maps funds according to where and who the key buying decisions makers are as opposed to where the assets and flows originate from. This data, combined with tools and front-end analytics, provide you with insights into the best markets to direct your sales efforts as well as find out who the most lucrative professional buyers are.

High quality data

Our team is formed of industry practitioners who appreciate how important high quality data is to making informed decisions and leading effective client discussions. 

Following diligent data quality assurance processes we collect, scrub and index data on mandates, funds, strategies, buyers, delegates, sub-advisers and transacted prices to create the most comprehensive database for the Delegated Fund industry. 

IT and data security

instiHub is a fully vetted vendor of confidential data-based solutions to some of the world’s largest financial institutions. We comply with their IT and data security requirements when handling some of their most sensitive data.

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