FiFi provides the market data, tools and analytics sell-side asset managers need to optimise sales to new and existing clients


FiFi (Fund-in-Fund insights) provides asset managers and fund selectors with a unique platform to track Fund-in-Fund activity across EMEA and APAC. FiFi incorporates timely and accurate analytics covering assets, flows and new mandates of funds held in other funds. With asset allocations changing rapidly it’s of paramount importance to maintain a detailed view of both long and medium term trends. FiFi provides users with a substantial competitive advantage to improve their marketing, sales and decision-making.

Benefits of using FiFi

  • A  comprehensive market overview – A clear, detailed insight into market opportunities by analysing the asset management competitor landscape at market/asset class level
  • Competitor comparisons – Analyse your competitive positioning versus that of key peers and identify key drivers of success in areas of focus
  • Competitor insight – Track changes and trends amongst asset allocators, identify patterns of behaviour and unfulfilled market demand
  • Improved client understanding – Discover more about your own clients, the scale of their overall fund holdings and their investment strategies
  • Improved cross-selling opportunities – Find out which of your existing clients also hold investments with competitor funds. You can then approach these clients with your own more compelling alternatives
  • New business opportunities – Find out which potential new investors your strategies will appeal to and how much business you can generate with each opportunity
  • More targeted sales strategies – Prioritise sales targets and resources by identifying which new and existing clients offer significant opportunities
  • Improved client relationships – Refine conversations with clients to ensure they are specific, timely and focused. FiFi provides you with investment trend analysis, including risk on/risk off metrics, right down to the specific asset owner
  • Richer client pitches – FiFi data can be combined with both proprietary and third party data so that you can present existing and new clients with blended analysis

Who in your organisation benefits?

  • Business leaders – FiFi enables more focused, strategic decision-making. It can be used to create management reports on market trends including market overviews of fund purchases and sales as well as competitor information
  • Product development teams –  Use FiFi to adapt current and future fund offerings to client demands
  • Market research teams – Assess the market landscape and identify strategies that will work well across different distribution channels
  • Sales teams – FiFi helps identify the best prospects for business among existing and new customers and enables more in-depth client discussions as well as a more holistic view

How FiFi can help you create opportunities

FiFi can be used in many ways to create business opportunities for you and your team. Here is a typical example:

  1. Identify where you have a competitive proposition against other asset managers
  2. Filter into these competitors’ funds to find out who their clients are and which ones have the largest holdings
  3. Find out if any of your existing clients have holdings in these less-competitive funds. You can also find out which other asset managers’ funds your existing clients have invested in
  4. Identify the best opportunities to present suitable alternatives to existing clients that have investments in other funds
  5. Present these clients with a strong case to switch to your fund

Key features of FiFi

  • Ease of access – FiFi can be accessed by the internet from anywhere in the world. Users are  provided with their own individual log-on credentials
  • Ease of use – Using the front-end analytics interface is effortless
  • Dedicated client service – Tailored training and ongoing client support
  • Data set filtration and drill-down tools – Drill down into data on sponsors (buyer), delegates, geographic markets, and investment strategies among other data sets
  • Data extraction – Data can be easily downloaded into Excel format in GBP, EUR, CHF and USD
  • API Solutions – Data can be integrated in power tools such as Power BI or Tableau to provide a coherent, seamless flow of information to sales teams

FiFi – part of the instiHub solutions set

FiFi is available as a standalone module and even more effective in combination with SaFi as part of instiHub’s solutions set, which also includes:

Sub-advised Fund insights (SaFi)

Delivering the same benefits as those valued by users of FiFi, SaFi is the most comprehensive database of delegated mandates that are often obscured, generally larger in size and giving sub-advisers longer-term revenue streams. Users of SaFi benefit from the ability to profile buyers, their activities and preferences so they can position their competitiveness most effectively in their sales approach.


Pricing insights (iPi)

Accurate and actual transacted pricing information is key to achieving the optimal investment fee for both buy and sell-side in a long-term sub-advisory partnership. With iPi at your service you have usable and valuable pricing information to help with internal and external negotiations as well as value to investor assessments.


What differentiates the instiHub solutions set?

instiHub’s solutions set maps funds according to where and who the key buying decisions makers are as opposed to where the assets and flows originate from. This data, combined with tools and front-end analytics, provide you with insights into the best markets to direct your sales efforts as well as find out who the most lucrative professional buyers are.

High quality data

Our team is formed of industry practitioners who appreciate how important high quality data is to making informed decisions and leading effective client discussions. 

Following diligent data quality assurance processes we collect, scrub and index data on mandates, funds, strategies, buyers, delegates, sub-advisers and transacted prices to create the most comprehensive database for the Delegated Fund industry. 

IT and data security

instiHub is a fully vetted vendor of confidential data-based solutions to some of the world’s largest financial institutions. We comply with their IT and data security requirements when handling some of their most sensitive data.

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