instiHub is the most comprehensive, actionable sales scouting, market insights and pricing data provider for the Delegated Fund industry.

What we do

Identifying a high quality, actionable data provider for the pursuit of new business is never simple.

instiHub ensures it is for you.


Access instiHub’s sophisticated, revenue generating business intelligence through our intuitive, simple to use online platform from anywhere. Or build our data into your own internal systems for ultimate freedom of consumption.


Trawling through data is time consuming. That’s why instiHub gives you filters and key measures which let you identify opportunities, where to find them, and serves as the backbone for formulating your negotiation tactics.


Utilising instiHub’s tools and analytics provides you with a broad, yet deep understanding of clients, prospects and competitors. Gain valuable insights that will fuel a competitive advantage.


Business growth is built on great partnerships. Our team of client service and data specialists means clients get the support they need to make full use of the solutions set by incorporating them into daily business operations.

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What differentiates the instiHub solutions set?

instiHub’s solutions set maps funds according to where and who the key buying decision makers are as opposed to where the assets and flows originate from. This data, combined with tools and front-end analytics, provides you with insights into the best markets to direct your sales efforts, as well as ascertaining who the most lucrative professional buyers are.

€1.8T opportunity pool

For third party asset managers and distributors we offer a unique set of tools which provide granular data and analytics for Sub-advised Funds, Fund-in-Funds and Pricing insights. Access critical information for your advantage over the competition.

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